The most modern and most significant South Asia’s interchange connecting the Motorway-9 has finally been inaugurated, which connects the Bahria town Karachi to Sukkur. This is the first and only interchange to be fully developed and managed by a private real estate developer in Pakistan.

The M-9 interchange was inaugurated by Malik Riaz Hussain Chairman and Ali Riaz Malik, CEO of Bahria Town, for the public in Pakistan.

M-9 interchange is 8 km long architecture with 3 underpasses, numerous slip roads, access roads, service roads, causeways, new modern flyover, and a widened existing flyover. It covers an area of 35 acres that is decorated with flowers, pretty plants, trees, grass, and pleasant landscaping. Another specialty of this project is the presence of a modern irrigation system.

Special attention is also given to the convenience of the commuters by having different lanes for the motorway passing through the interchange. For added security, an 8-foot fence and 3-foot high guard rail is fixed for the motorway and the interchange. This infrastructure is a result of the inspiration of the beauty of the Shaikh Zayed Road, which is located in Dubai. Also, the Bahria Town’s structure of the 18-lane 400-yard wide road is quite comparable to the quality and standards present in Jinnah Avenue. Bahria Town’s dedication is also evident from the efforts undertaken to promote and uplift the basic necessities of the residents of the city by the construction of noteworthy flyovers and underpasses in Clifton, Karachi.

The passion of the Bahria Town to bring the lost beauty of the city is evidently seen in the execution of cleanliness drive.

The inauguration of the interchange included special directions from the Bahria Town’s chairman Malik Riaz Hussain, and the event was a delight for around 10 million people living in the vicinity because this infrastructure eases the travel from Karachi and its surroundings. The underpasses and access roads were specifically constructed to benefit the people living in around the motorway.

Malik Riaz added that even though this project consumed billions of rupees, it was because the Almighty moved him to do for the welfare of Pakistan and its institutions. He also quoted that Bahria Town is also an important institution, and the construction of this structure is finished in the record time while adhering to the international standards along with modern installations.

He also stated that everything he has, along with this, is for Pakistan and its people.

The chairman stated that such a modern, beautiful, and standard interchange could not be found even in the neighboring countries. Rather than just being an interchange, this has also turned into a tourist attraction that does not require any tickets. Additionally, special pathways are arranged for people who like to take a stroll in the interchange.