Ali Riaz MalikAhmed Ali Riaz malik can surely be counted amongst the best and most sought after entrepreneurs in Pakistan right now. Being the CEO of the famous Bahria town firm, he has tasted some big success in the past few years, whilst taking the company to greater milestones in the process. Even though lot of people think about his success as something inherited from his father Malik riaz hussain, he has earned and achieved everything with his sheer talent and business acumen all along the journey to the top.

Ali Riaz Malik got born in 1978 in Rawalpindi city and right within his childhood, he got a passion towards getting into the construction business. This was where he used to accompany his father in most of the construction sites around to have a glimpse of the overall work process. Then once when he looked through all the skyscrapers and tall buildings in other countries, Ali Riaz Malik decided to bring in all that development to his own country. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik finished up his primary education from the beacon house school in 1999 and right after that, he joined his father’s business to gain further experience in the same industry. Even whilst he was the son of most established real estate developer and the 7th richest person in the country, who is also the chairman and founder of the famous Bahria town pvt. Ltd, he earned everything with his talent and hard work only.

Life for Ali Riaz Malik wasn’t really easy for Ali Riaz Malik during his early days at the bahria town, and he kick started his journey as a the procurement manager in the sales and marketing department. After few years of hard work and dedication, he got promoted to the project manager post in 2005. This is where he got a big jump for his dreams at bahria town and got to manage some of the big projects in the coming years. After all the big efforts in the process, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik was finally been designated with the CEO of the Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd in 2007. He didn’t stop right there are worked through his ways to take his firm to bigger and better achievements, which eventually made it a USD$ 1 billion company.

Ali Riaz Malik was born in Rawalpindi in the year 1978 to Malik riaz hussain and got a sister and mother apart from his in the family. Once he achieved all the success in the family business, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik then got married to Mubashra Ali Malik in the year 2003. Mubashra ali malik, who belonged to a rich family of sugar refineries owners in the country, was born in the year 1983. Once she got married to Ali ahmed riaz hussain, she took over all the Philanthropic activities of the Bahria town and ensured her active participation most of the times. The famous Dastarkhwans ran by Bahria town is one of the responsibilities where the firm serves free meals to more than 150,0000 underprivileged people in the country on daily basis.

Ali Riaz Malik can be termed as the biggest name after malik riaz hussain, who has contributed big time in the success of Bahria town over the years. Although his contributions is very much visible in most of the projects under Bahria town flagship , his biggest success came in the name of “Pakistan’s first ever Island city” .This was a dream project of Ali Riaz Malik and he perfectly planned and executed it in partnership with the famous US real estate tycoon Thomas Kramer in the year 2013. The agreement came as a landmark step in the overall progress and development of the Bundle and Bodha islands within the Karachi city.

It’s surely his great business tactics and acumen which has made Bahria town to bring upon certain big projects like DHA Smart city Islamabad, Bin alam city Islamabad, Blue world city Islamabad, bahria town Karachi, Bahria town Rawalpindi and Bahria town Lahore.

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